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Thumb Brake – for a perfect feeling by braking

Do you miss an optimal feeling by using the brakes? Then the Qnium’s high-quality thumb brake for motorbikes is a great option. This thumb brake is an addition for the foot brake and has been specially developed within the world of racing. It can be used on a variety of motorcycles and has a unique mounting on the handlebar. Not only the feeling by braking will be better, the thumb brake also helps you getting through and out of corners more quickly. An indispensable product to beat your opponents on the track. Combine the Thumb Brake with Qnium’s Rear Master Rear Brake Pump to keep using the rear brake in emergencies, or when you prefer the foot brake in left turns.

Why the Qnium thumb brake?

The thumb brake has increased in popularity and that isn’t for nothing. With your motorcycle boots, it can be difficult to find an optimal feeling by using the rear brake. Braking with your fingers is a lot more accurate and gives you more control. It’s also difficult to use the rear brake in the right corners. At that moment, you’re in a position where it’s difficult to reach it. Qnium’s advanced thumb brake solves this problem and helps your feeling by braking. If you are looking for better control over your bike during a nice mountain ride, the thumb brake is perfect. The Qnium thumb brake on your street bike can also help, if you are having a foot handicap.

Always traction with Qnium’s thumb brake

On a Moto2 and Moto3 bike the motorcycle leans forward by braking. The moment you turn into the corner, you release the front brake. When you do this, the front fork of the bike rises about 10 to 15 millimetres. So the corner angle and radius become wider. Just before you release the front brake, you use the Qnium thumb brake. Because of this the front fork doesn’t go up anymore. The radius becomes shorter so you make less meters, you finish the corner earlier and you can use the throttle sooner. You also have a phase without braking or accelerating, so you always maintain a feeling of traction and grip. Moreover a wheely is easier to control with a thumb brake. The Qnium thumb brake is also very popular for Superbike and Supersport bikes.

Get to know the Qnium thumb brakes collection

Qnium has a big range of thumb brakes. The Thumb Brake Radial 22 Clamp Bearing is our absolute top product and is very popular and with the adjustable handlebar clamp it is suitable for every type of motorcycle. In addition, we have developed special thumb brakes that will replace the rear brake pumps from Brembo or Nissin. So, also in British Superbikes (BSB) you choose the Qnium thumb brake. Are you curious about the possibilities or do you want to know which thumb brake suits you best? Feel free to contact us.

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