Axial Brake V3

The thumb brake gives great advantages for better driving style, resulting in faster lap times. With the thumb you have a better braking feeling than with the foot. Furthermore, you can now also use the rear brake in a right-hand bend, when it is difficult to operate the rear brake with the right feeling.

You can use the thumb brake in different ways,
– Better control in braking phase.
– Turn in the middle of the bend.
– Power control during acceleration.

For people who want to keep the pedal brake in addition to the thumb brake, rear brake pumps are available with an extra banjo connection for the thumb brake.

699,99 399,99 inc. VAT

Axial Brake V3

Fixed Lever

Adjustable Lever

Custom seal design for better braking feel.

Front fork clamp
48, 50, 53 and 55mm
Lever position
Adjustable with Q rotary knob
Adjustable lever
Length 95 – 135mm Only with adjustable lever!
Trade fixed
Length 85mm only with fixed lever!
Aluminum 6082 – High gloss anodized
Titanium, platinum, orange
Pivot point
8mm pin
12mm – Aluminium 7075
Brake oil
DOT 4.0 or 5.1
Reservoir hose
Brake oil resistant
Stainless steel with vent
Stainless steel

Do you wish for a better performance on the track? Go get the Thumb Brake Axial V3 Fixed Lever from Qnium. With this advanced thumb brake you have a perfect feeling on your motorbike. You can use the rear brake in right turns, when it is difficult to operate the foot brake with the right feeling. When you use the Qnium Rear Master the foot brake can still be used.

Looking for faster lap times and a better riding style? Choose the Thumb Brake Axial Adjustable V3 from Qnium. With your thumbs you have a much more controlled braking feeling than when you’re braking with your foot. In addition you can also use the rear brake during cornering, when it’s difficult to operate the foot brake with a good feeling. The lever of the Thumb Brake Axial Adjustable Lever can be adjusted by the rider himself.

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