Rear Master Double Side

This brake pump has been specially developed for people who want to keep the pedal brake in addition to the thumb or finger brake. These brake pumps are available with an extra banjo connection for the thumb or finger brake.

Of course the thumb or finger brake can also be mounted directly on the rear brake calliper without a rear brake pump.

249,99 inc. VAT

Rear Master Double Side

High-quality rear brake pump

All the benefits

Handlebar clamp
Ø22 clamp6082
High gloss anodized
Titanium, platinum, orange
Double bearing
Wire connection
Double bearing for reduced friction
Stainless steel

The Rear Master Cylinder Double Side gives you the opportunity to continue to use a foot brake in combination with a thumb brake or hand brake. This rear brake pump is very advanced and ensures you to continue to brake with all brakes. Are you looking for a high-quality rear brake pump, that makes it possible to still apply the foot brake? Then the Qnium Rear Master Cylinder Double Side is the best choice.

Replace the standard rear brake pump for this Rear Master Double Side from Qnium. A rear brake pump can be a Top Side or Double Side model. That is why Qnium has developed two versions of its rear brake pump. Do you have a Double Side model on your motorcycle? Then replace it with Qnium’s Rear Master Cylinder – Double Side!

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