Rear Master Sensor

This brake pump has been specially developed for people who want to keep the foot pedal brake in addition to the thumb or finger brake. These brake pumps are available with an extra banjo connection for the thumb or finger brake.

Of course the thumb or finger brake can also be mounted directly on the rear brake calliper without a rear brake pump.

This brake pump is equipped with an additional connection for a M10x1 brake sensor.

274,98300,00 inc. VAT

Qnium Cable Clutch Master

The Rear Master Cylinder – Sensor is chosen by many riders

Custom seal design for better brake feel.

Rear brake connection
Banjo side
Thumb/finger connection
Rear banjo
Connection Sensor
Rear M10x1
40 or 50mm
12mm - Aluminium 7075
Titanium, Platinum, Orange.
Brake oil
DOT 4.0 or 5.1
Titanium Pro-Bolt
Titanium Pro-Bolt

The Qnium Rear Master Cylinder is a rear brake pump with the highest quality requirements. This rear brake pump has been developed by the best Dutch Qnium quality. With this Rear Master Cylinder it is possible to continue to use the foot brake in addition to a thumb brake or hand brake. For example, some riders like to keep using their footbrake in the left corners, while in the right corners they use their thumb brake or brake lever. The Rear Master Cylinder – Sensor is chosen by many riders, because you measure your brake data with the sensor. Perfect for optimizing your performances on the track!

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