Radial Thumb Brake

Many riders like to control the rear brake with their left hand. In your fingers you have a lot more feeling than in your foot. In that case you can opt for o

This radial thumb brake is optimized at all points to get the brake feeling to the highest possible level. The pivot point and the pivot point of the trade adjustment are both with double bearings, which means that the friction around 25 bar pressure in both pivot point are eliminated. This results in less  force with the thumb to get the same brake pressure.

More importantly, the feeling improves so that the rear brake is easier to control.

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Thumb Brake

Alternative to the thumb brake

All the benefits

Handlebar clamp
Ø22 clamp6082
Adjustable lever length
115 – 142mm
Aluminium 6082 – High gloss anodized.
Titanium, platinum, orange
12mm – Aluminium 7075
Both, Double bearing
Brake oil
DOT 4.0 or 5.1
15mL Reservoir
Reservoir hose brake oil resistant
Titanium Pro-bolt.
Titanium Pro-bolt.
Venting nipple
Titanium Pro-bolt.

Custom seal design for better braking feel.
Adjustable lever position with rotary Q knob

The Radial Thumb Brake from Qnium is one of the most optimized thumb brakes on the market. As a rider you have a lot more feeling in your thumb than in your foot. The Qnium Radial Thumb Brake makes it easier to operate the rear brake in a very controlled way. This high-end thumb brake is very popular in the Moto3 class. A brake lever is not an option on these bikes, as Moto3 riders are required to use the clutch lever. When you mount the Rear Master from Qnium on your bike, you can continue to use your foot brake.

Drivers like Tony Arbolino and Dennis Foggia managed to win Grand Prix races with the revolutionary Qnium Thumb Brake. In 2019 Lorenzo Dalla Porta also used the Qnium’s Radial Thumb Brake, when he became World Champion Moto3.

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