The Clutch Lever Assist – a lightweight clutch on your bike

Is the clutch on your bike going very tough and do you have troubles by using it? Meet Qnium’s Clutch Lever Assist. This patented Clutch Lever Assist is the world’s first supportive clutch lever. It can be used on all cable operated clutches and makes shifting gears very easy. With the Clutch Lever Assist of Qnium the clutch lever can be operated up to 40 % lighter. The spring pressure relief of the Clutch Lever Assist ensures a perfect feeling in your hand and makes clutching light and relaxed.

399,99 inc. VAT

Qnium Cable Clutch Master

The Clutch Lever Assist makes clutching really easy

Install your Clutch Lever Assist quickly and easily

Handlebar clamp
Ø22 clamp6082
High gloss anodized
Titanium, platinum, orange
Double bearing
Wire connection
Double bearing for reduced friction
Adjustable, manage the level of assist
Stainless steel

Qnium’s Clutch Lever Assist is fully developed and produced in the Netherlands. All components are designed in-house and manufactured by Qnium to the highest standards. The latest techniques have been applied, such as extra spring pressure relief. All critical pivot points are fitted with roller bearings to minimise internal friction. This makes it possible to clutch very light and controlled. The Clutch Lever Assist (CLA) has an extra pre load, so you can easily adjust whether you want to clutch lighter or heavier. The mechanism is nicely finished and fully enclosed in the grab handle. Qnium’s Clutch Lever Assist offers clutch support for everyone. Especially for people who aren’t able to operate a heavy bike clutch finely, this innovative product is the solution.

The Clutch Lever Assist from Qnium is Plug & Play and very easy to mount on your motorcycle. There is no need to adjust the current cable or clutch. You only have to mount a clutch switch and adjust the spring preload, so you can control how light the clutch lever feels. Do you need help with the setup of your Cluch Lever Assist? No problem. Go to one of our official service points or watch our Youtube tutorial. Are you living abroad or do you need help remotely? Feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.

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