Cable Clutch Master

Do you have trouble getting started at the beginning  of a race? Get off to a flying start with Qnium’s innovative Cable Clutch Master. Our ultra-lightweight model will help you gain confidence at the start. The clutch comes on easier and is better to handle, so you’ll be in no time out of your starting position. The mechanism of the Cable Clutch Master is fully beared, so you have a complete linear feeling and a start, which is more under control.

499,98 inc. VAT

Cable Clutch Master

How does the Cable Clutch Master work?

The Cable Clutch Master something for you? World champions use it too!

Handlebar clamp
Ø22 clamp6082
High gloss anodized
Titanium, platinum, orange
Double bearing
Wire connection
Double bearing for reduced friction
Stainless steel

The Qnium Cable Clutch Master is a high quality product, specially made for racing. It optimizes all pivot points of the clutch. The orange bushing, with a Q as marking, is fully beared, which is 100% unique on the racing market. The Cable Clutch Master is extremely light, because it is made of titanium and aluminium 6082. At Qnium we develop all components in-house and according to the highest quality standards. That’s why even the bolts are made of titanium instead of stainless steel.

The Cable Clutch Master from Qnium will significantly improve your feeling and driving comfort at the start. Because the friction is virtually zero, the point of application is very precise. That results in a rocket start. Not only the starting racer, but also experienced riders from the world of Grand Prix use the Cable Clutch Master by their start. For example, Lorenzo Dalla Porta became Moto3 World Champion in 2019 with this product. Are you interested in the Cable Clutch Master? Then simply order it online. If you have any questions, we will be pleased to answer them.

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